Conceptual Life Intelligence

Life Intelligence

When we face challenging times, it is difficult to determine what the outcomes of these situations will be.

However, as you navigate and face varying situations, you have the ability to apply this knowledge to different aspects of your life. We call this 'life intelligence'.

Conceptual Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine learning does the hard work for you. By analysing your data across a number of platforms over a period of time, machine learning can provide you with actionable changes.

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Capryce Insight
Hey! We’ve noticed you have a more productive day when you go for a 15 minute walk in the morning. Kick your day off right today!

Personalised to you

We know that your day is likely to be vastly different to those around you. By analysing your data, Capryce can provide you with tailored suggestions on how you can improve your day.

Learn from people just like you

Whether you're a barista in one of Melbourne's finest cafes or are an accountant who works predominantly from home, there is someone just like you using Capryce.

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Find a better day

Whether you want to improve your personal or professional life, we are passionate about providing people with data-backed recommendations that can help you have the best day possible.

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