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Our lives are made up of many facets; Work, Social, Hobbies, relationships and more. Capryce takes your unique situation and shows you the best way to optimise your life. When our personal lives are reflected to us, we can improve our situations and our happiness.

Conceptual Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning does the hard work for you. By analysing your data across a number of platforms over a period of time, AI can provide you with actionable changes that allow you to make real improvements to your life

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Hey! We’ve noticed you have a more productive day when you go for a 15 minute walk in the morning. Kick your day off right today!

Personalised to you

We know that your day is likely to be vastly different to those around you. But Capryce is totally personalised to you and your unique lifestyle. We achieve this by analysing your individual information. Capryce will never be the same for any two people.

Actionable insights for people just like you

We don’t want to waste your time with things that aren’t easy for you to implement. Capryce is all about making your life easier. Here are some example insights we’ve provided for unique individuals based on their information and what helps them have a better day!

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#<ActiveRecord::Relation [#<Content::InsightPromo id: 4, age: 37, job_title: "Developer", insight_text: "Works 8% less hours when working 1 day from home a...", mood_text: "Works at home and in the office", mood_icon: "smile", created_at: "2023-04-28 01:04:21.697445000 +1000", updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:07:41.074100000 +1000", icon_file_name: "web-developer.svg", icon_content_type: "image/svg+xml", icon_file_size: 5947, icon_updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:07:41.038376000 +1000", slug: "home-1">, #<Content::InsightPromo id: 3, age: 24, job_title: "Marketing Coordinator", insight_text: "Leaves work 93% on time when listening to Taylor S...", mood_text: "Listens to music during work", mood_icon: "smile", created_at: "2023-04-28 01:04:00.694990000 +1000", updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:07:48.056359000 +1000", icon_file_name: "digital-marketing-specialist.svg", icon_content_type: "image/svg+xml", icon_file_size: 11140, icon_updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:07:47.977613000 +1000", slug: "home-2">, #<Content::InsightPromo id: 1, age: 42, job_title: "Accountant", insight_text: "Works from home 2 days a week when the weather is ...", mood_text: "Commutes 43 mins on average to work", mood_icon: "smile", created_at: "2023-04-28 01:02:41.302054000 +1000", updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:08:00.864906000 +1000", icon_file_name: "associate-accountant.svg", icon_content_type: "image/svg+xml", icon_file_size: 2420, icon_updated_at: "2023-09-13 16:08:00.797682000 +1000", slug: "home-music-4">, #<Content::InsightPromo id: 2, age: 29, job_title: "Barrista", insight_text: "Is on time for work 100% of the time when exercisi...", mood_text: "Runs and rides 3x on average each week", mood_icon: "smile", created_at: "2023-04-28 01:03:39.965584000 +1000", updated_at: "2023-09-14 07:49:56.126212000 +1000", icon_file_name: "Barista.svg", icon_content_type: "image/svg+xml", icon_file_size: 7238, icon_updated_at: "2023-09-14 07:49:56.025539000 +1000", slug: "home-3-everyman">]>
Age: 37
Works 8% less hours when working 1 day from home and 4 days from the office
Works at home and in the office
Age: 24
Marketing Coordinator
Leaves work 93% on time when listening to Taylor Swift
Listens to music during work
Age: 42
Works from home 2 days a week when the weather is over 40 or under 15 with more than 12mm of rain saving 18 minutes each way to work
Commutes 43 mins on average to work
Age: 29
Is on time for work 100% of the time when exercising before work
Runs and rides 3x on average each week

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Whether you want to improve your personal or professional life, we are passionate about providing people with data-backed recommendations that can help you have the best day possible.

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